Farmers Conclave, a gateway to scientific conference held on 22nd JAN 2019 and Scientific Conference held during 23rd to 25th JAN 2019 were concluded successfully. Few quick videos of the programme are published here under. Stay tuned for more videos of keynote lectures and success stories by farmers.
We thank all of you for participating and making BRAQCON-2019 a huge success.


22nd January 2019

Farmers Conclave Presentations

Scientific Presentations

23rd January 2019

Session I – Aquaculture Production System

1. Dr. George Chamberlain, USA – Global shrimp farming industry: Strength, opportunities and way forward (PDF)
2. Dr. Jim Wyban, USA – Selective breeding of Penaeus vannamei and its impact on world aquaculture: Lessons for future (PDF)
3. Dr. Robins McIntosh, Thailand – Shrimp genetics are not everything (PDF)
4. Dr. Kazumasa Ikuta, Japan – Aquaculture in Japan, Relevance of technological backstopping (PDF)
Session II- Reproduction and larviculture
1. Dr. Marcy N. Wilder, Japan – Advances in science of reproductive physiology of crustaceans in relation to challenges in captive breeding and seed production (PDF)
2. Mr. Madhusudan Reddy, India – Commercial scale larviculture of penaeid shrimp in India: Status and Challenges (PDF)
3. Dr. Ken Corpron, USA – Aquaculture standards and certification (PDF)
4. Dr. Pung Pung Hwang, Taiwan – Osmoregulation in euryhaline fish and rearing in different salinity regimes with special reference to brackishwater aquaculture (PDF)
Session III – Fish and shell fish nutrition
1. Dr. Chris G. Carter, Australia – Nutritional Physiology of Fish Significance in Commercial Aquaculture (PDF)
2. Dr. V. P. Venugopalan, India –  Radiation processing: an effective method for microbial control and shelflife extension in fish (PDF)
4. Dr. Antony Jesu Prabhu, Norway – Rearing system (RAS) based feeds: Aquaculture nutrition and beyond (PDF)

24th January 2019

Session IV – Aquatic animal health

1. Dr. Kenton Morgan, UK – Epidemiological approaches to the aquatic animal health management: Opportunities and challenges (PDF)
2. Dr. Mrs. Indrani Karunasagar, India – Is early mortality syndrome (EMS) due to bacteria or complex aetiology? (PDF)


3. Dr. Kallaya Sritunyalucksana, Thailand – New paradigms to solve the global aquaculture disease crisis (PDF)  

4. Dr. Iddya Karunasagar, India – Microbes of economic importance in aquaculture (PDF)
5. Dr. Chris Hauton, UK – Crustacean immunity as a tool in health management in shrimp farming (PDF)
6. Dr. Masahiro Sakai, Japan – Fish cytokines: Application for aquaculture (PDF).
Session V – Aquaculture genetics and biotechnology
1. Mr. Robin Pearl, USA – Genetic improvement programs in shrimp farming: An industrial perspective (PDF)
2. Mr. Gustavo Pinedo Mahr, Mexico – Selective breeding in shrimp for a better aquaculture trait-A Mexican experience (PDF)
3. Dr. K.K. Vijayan, India – Towards domestication and genetic improvement of native Indian white shrimp Penaeus indicus (PDF)
4. Dr. Vindhya Mohindra, India – Genome sequence of anadromous Hilsa shad, Tenualosa ilisha (Hamilton, 1822) as a resource for salinity adaptation and evolution (PDF)

Session VI – Aquatic environment and climate change

1. Dr. M. Sudhakar, India – Environmental factors of significance in relation to aquatic biological resource in relevance to climate change (PDF)
2. Dr. Kirsten Benkendorff, Australia – The risks of pesticide pollution in prawn and oyster aquaculture (PDF)
3. Dr. P. K. Krishnakumar, Saudi Arabia – Aquatic pollution & its impact on estuaries and brackishwater aquaculture (PDF)
4. Mr. C. M. Muralidharan, FAO – Need for ecosystem approach to brackishwater shrimp farming (PDF)
25th January 2019

Session VII – Brackishwater ecosystem, estuarine biodiversity and conservation

1. Mr. N. Vasudevan, India – Integration of mangrove conservation with rural livelihood : Maharashtra experience (PDF)
2. Dr. Amir Neori, Israel – Integrated multi-trophic aquaculture systems: Models for brackishwater aquaculture (PDF)
3. Dr. Sunil Mohamed, India – Ecosystem approach to sustainable aquaculture (PDF)
4. Dr. Rajeev Raghavan. India – Sustainable development goals, aichi biodiversity targets and estuarine conservation (PDF)

Session VIII – Socio-economic and livelihood issues of fisheries and aquaculture

1. Dr. Yugraj Singh Yadava, India – Challenges in implementing integrated coastal zone management in India (PDF)


2. Dr. S. Shubin, UK – Exploring different dimensions of poverty in relation to aquaculture in India & Bangladesh (PDF)
3. Dr. Md Abdus Salam, Bangladesh – Aquaponics for tropics with brackishwater species: Bangladesh experience, relevant to India and other Asian countries (PDF)



Farmers conclave held on 22nd JAN 2019

Prof. MS Swaminathan”s speech at Farmers Conclave of BRAQCON-2019

BRAQCON 2019 Inaugural Session 23rd JAN 2019

Dr. Trilochan Mohapatra, DG ICAR speech at scientific conference of BRAQCON-2019

CEOs Round Table @ Braqcon 2019 , 24th JAN 2019

BRAQCON-2019 Valedictory session 25th JAN 2019