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  • Farmers are the fulcrum in any farming sector around whom the technology, inputs, services and market revolve. Every state is unique in terms of resources and production systems and offer specific opportunities and challenges. Therefore, state/region specific aquaculture planning is necessary. Farmers adopt their own strategies to manage their on and off-farm issues and such successful cases need to be shared with fellow farmers of the sector.
  • In this context, the ICAR-Central Institute of Brackishwater Aquaculture (ICAR-CIBA) in association with the Society of Coastal Aquaculture and Fisheries (SCAFi), Chennai is organizing the Brackishwater Aquafarmers’ Conclave during “19-20 February, 2020 at Surat, Gujarat”, a state witnessing the fastest growth in brackishwater aquaculture, especially shrimp farming.
  • It is intended to bring together aqua farmers from all the coastal states to provide a crosslearning platform through constructive dialogue among the farming community, state administration, scientific community, academic and aquaculture industry. This would enable to take stock of present status of brackishwater farming and the way forward for its sustainable development.
  • During the conclave, it is proposed to have technical interactive sessions, discussions, farmers presentation of their experiences and innovative approaches (multilingual) and visit to scientific farms in and around Surat. The conclave would serve as an opportunity for ‘horizontal learning’ among aquafarmers and the sectoral players that would open up new partnerships and capacity enhancement, leading to increased production and profits.
  • Further, the farmers would get one-to-one opportunity to experience an “Aquaculture Expo” wherein aquaculture institutions, companies, development departments and other agencies will display their technologies, instruments, inputs and products all at one place. We have envisaged to mobilise about 500 real-time brackishwater aquafarmers from the coastal states to participate in the conclave share their experiences and make it a national convention of farmers, with an international reach.


  • It is a farmer centric forum for interaction
  • Sharing of innovative approaches, success stories and experiences by the farmers in their respective languages (Multi-lingual presentations)
  • Exposure to state of the art technologies, inputs, machineries, products, gadgets and services from various organizations
  • Farm visits to state of the art farms, new production systems in Gujarat
  • Enhanced understanding on modern scientific farming methods
  • Empowering aqua-farmers for doubling their income
  • Facilitating blue revolution in the country

Aquaculture farmers conclave would focus on ground level issues and requirements to establish a communication mechanism among policy makers, researchers and ecosystem conservators for providing sustainable development of brackishwater aquaculture, coastal ecosystem and markets.

Farmers Conclave 2020 I 19-20 February 2020