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It is planned to convene a special session on StartUp opportunities in Brackishwater Aquaculture during BRAQCON 2019. Start-Up India initiative by Govt. of India was launched in 2016. The program has attracted new business ventures with innovative ideas in the sector with the assistance of ICAR-CIBA. This session envisages bringing together the input manufacturers, traders, venture captalists, enterprising farmers, scientists, academicians, Govt. Departments and other stakeholders on a common platform under Start-Up India program and facilitating the exchange of ideas. The session will give an opportunity to the entrepreneurs to share their experience in aquaculture and allied sectors which may help others, especially youngsters in finding innovative solutions and provide the required guidance and ideas for the successful development of the business in aquaculture.


• Opportunity to meet the venture capitalists and officials from financial institutions
• Gain knowledge on newer technological interventions in the sector
• Understanding the market potential of different products
• Cross learning from interaction with fellow innovators, progressive farmers, researchers and business people.


• Presentation by the policy makers in Government of India on Start-Up India program.
• Opportunities for entrepreneurs for support by venture capitalists and the financial institutions.
• Sharing experience by the Start-Up entrepreneurs supported by ICAR- CIBA.
• Start-Up Competition.