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Brackishwater Aquafarmers Conclave – a Brief

As you are aware, ICAR- Central Institute of Brackishwater Aquaculture (ICAR-CIBA) and Society of Coastal Aquaculture and Fisheries (SCAFi) are jointly organizing the International Conference on Brackishwater Aquaculture (BRAQCON 2019) during 23-25 January 2019 at Chennai. As prelude to the conference, it is planned to convene a National Farmers’ Conclave on 22 January 2019. Farmers are the key players of the farming sector. Very often, they are unable to access or interact with the multitude of support service providers in the country. The conclave envisages bringing together aqua farmers from all the coastal states as well as other stakeholders such as scientists, academicians, members of administration, industry and trade to a common platform and facilitating exchange of ideas. Apart from experience sharing, the Conclave would facilitate a stock-taking and planning the way forward to promote and develop eco-friendly and sustainable aquaculture practices in the country.

Specifically, experience sharing would provide avenues for horizontal learning’ and can lead to new partnerships. It is also intended to create a wider awareness about the state-wise status exposing the opportunities as well as the institutional support for aquaculture from bankers and insurance companies etc. Apart from recognizing the path-breakers in aquafarming and support areas, an Aquaculture Expo would showcase the state of the art of technologies, instruments, products and services etc. all in one place. We cordially invite the brackishwater aquafarming fraternity to be a part of this important event.

Highlights of Brackishwater Aqua-Farmers Conclave 2019

  • State-wise appraisal on the status of brackishwater aquaculture
  • Experience sharing and success stories by farmers in their respective languages (Multi-lingual presentations )
  • Awareness about institutional support for brackishwater aquaculture from CAA, MPEDA- NaCSA, banks, insurance companies etc.
  • Recognition and awards to path-breakers and innovators in farming and support sectors.
  • Exposure to state of the art technologies, inputs, machineries, products, gadgets and services from various organizations.

Expected Benefits

  • Exposure to novel farming approaches and production strategies.
  • Out of the box solutions to farming issues.
  • Meeting experts, innovators and path-breakers face to face
  • Acquaintance with innovative technologies, inputs and services
  • Enhanced understanding on modern scientific farming methods
  • Empowering aqua-farmers for doubling their farm income
  • Facilitating blue revolution


  • Farmers can register their name, mobile number and e-mail through our Mobile app Vanami Shrimpapp (using post a query option) down loaded freely from Google Playstore.
  • Registration fee for the farmer’s conclave — Rs.2000.
  • Registration fee for the farmer’s Conclave & BRAQCON-2019 — Rs. 4000.