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Along with BRAQCON 2019 and Farmers’ Conclave, a “Braqcon Expo 2019” is being parallely organised. “Braqcon Expo 2019” provides a great platform for the stakeholders of brackishwater aquaculture and allied sectors to showcase their products. “Braqcon Expo 2019” is slated to be a first global level edition, which will showcase the most recent products and services for advancing global brackishwater aquaculture and ornamental fish breeding / rearing technologies. BRAQCON 2019 and Braqcon Expo2019 are a step towards doubling aqua-farmers’ incomes.

Exhibitors at the Braqcon Expo 2019

  • Academic and R & D Institutions
  • Aquaculture technology providers
  • Financing, insurance and banking
  • Fish Processors and exporters
  • Manufacturers and suppliers of
    • Aquacultural inputs
    • Aquaculture and fisheries equipment
    • Aquarium equipment and accessories(accessories tanks, filters, pumps, aerators, heaters, regulators etc.)
    • Cage culture systems
    • Cleaning products and disinfectants
    • Cold storage & refrigeration equipment
    • Feed
    • Feed and feed additives
    • Feeding equipment
    • Fish processing equipment
    • Hatchery equipment(chillers/temperature controllers, UV sterilisers, ozonators, water pumps etc.)
    • Health and disease management products
    • Measuring and analysis systems
    • Ornamental Fish Feed
    • Oxygenation and aeration systems
    • Packing materials/equipment and machineries
    • Recirculation systems
  • Ornamental Fish Breeders/ Traders/Exporters
  • Publishers of fisheries and aquaculture literature
  • Seafood marketing / exporters
  • Shrimp and fish hatcheries

Visitors at the Braqcon Expo 2019

  • Academicians
  • Aquaculture Professionals
  • Aquaculture Entrepreneurs
  • Aquafarmers
  • Government Officials
  • Policy makers
  • Researchers
  • Students

Advantages for the exhibitor

Stakeholders including global level scientists and experts, officials from Govt.agencies, aqua farmers, shrimp farmers, shrimp hatchery operators, planners and policy makers would be participating in this major event. Being the first of its kind events dedicated to brackishwater aquaculture, the Braqcon Expo 2019 will provide an opportunity for showcasing products and services to focused clientele.Exhibiting in Braqcon Expo 2019 would help in branding and disseminate information on products and services to a large number of real aquafarmers and stakeholders. This event is expected to attract wide media coverage including television, print and online media.

Guidelines for Exhibitors

Exhibitors may book the stalls well in advance. The stalls will be allotted first-come-first basis only.
Each stall will be provided with one table, two chairs and essential electrical fittings.
Exhibitors must display their products within the stall space provided.
Stalls will be handed over to the exhibitors on 21.01.2019 and the stalls should be ready by 22.01.2019 for the inauguration.
Two food coupons will be provided for each stall.
Exhibitors shall ensure safety of the stall structures while installing their equipment and products.
Exhibitors are solely responsible for the safety of their belongings. Management is not responsible for any loss or theft of any installations / equipment / products.
Exhibitors shall remove all the installations / equipment / products after completion of the exhibition by 25th January 2018.
Exhibitors shall make their own arrangements for transportation and installation of their equipment and products in the stall. Exhibitors should make their own arrangements for accommodation.